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There are 170
food allergies.


With so many food allergies, how can you possibly prepare to keep your company, staff and guests safe, and team trained?

Dine Aware, of course. 

170. That’s not a typo.  This number doesn’t even include many other types of dietary restrictions (i.e. celiac, intolerances, vegan and religious restrictions).

Having an awareness strategy is no longer optional for foodservice and hospitality. Operating without one puts everyone at risk. Regardless, if a company plans to accommodate any type of dietary restriction.

Dine Aware’s online training is the only one of its kind that can easily and affordably be delivered to all front and back of house employees, at every location, globally, at the same time, all the time.  Since, full-team, full-time awareness is the key to prevention.

Not everyone can accommodate dietary restrictions but everyone can communicate, safely.

Chef Philippe Pinon

Culinary Director

“I would to thank Paula and the Dine Aware team for providing exceptional service to onboard the team and training F&B Front and Back of house crew members. We at Silversea are very satisfied to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

“Dine Aware is a great tool and essential element in our industry”.

Vlado Momiroski

Food & Beverage Director

“Dine Aware is a great tool and an essential element in our industry. With the amount of allergies increasing year after year, this program has drastically helped us to improve our awareness, boost knowledge and raise the confidence with our teams.”



dine aware™

Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.