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Would you like to create safer service?

Now more than ever, it is important that foodservice and hospitality are able to demonstrate they are doing all that they can to increase safety for their team and guests. Food allergy training was and is a huge piece of the safety puzzle.

Full-team, full-time awareness is the secret sauce for safety.

Big or super small, one or multiple locations, corporate or franchised.

Our affordable online training creates one company-wide food allergy awareness standard for all staff, at every location, globally, all the time.

Predictable Pricing

One group size, one price.
Consistent pricing and awareness regardless of your turnover rates.

Entire team

When everyone is on the same food allergy page it helps to minimize mistakes, reduce service slow downs and create better experiences.


Informed Decisions

Staff that are empowered with food allergy awareness empower their guests to make safer, informed ordering decisions.

customize our courses & other ways we can help, learn more.

Small Teams

10 employees monthly

$80 monthly, $880 annually

Train up to 10 employees monthly or 120 annually in any of our courses.

This pricing option is perfect for teams with little employee turnover like single unit bricks and mortar locations or if you have a fleet of food trucks.

Big Teams

20 employees monthly

$180 monthly, $1980 annually

Train up to 20 employees monthly or 240 annually in any of our courses. 

Companies with several locations or brands that need to create a standard food allergy message for across the board for all staff, locations and concepts.

Bigger Teams

100 employees monthly

$280 monthly, $3080 annually

Train up to 100 employees monthly or 1200 annually in any of our courses.

Restaurant chains, franchises, hotels, casinos, cruise lines with large monthly employee turnover can easily and affordably automate food allergy awareness.

*Pay annually and save the cost of one month.  Prices are in USD and are for one (1) location.

Huge teams, demo or questions get in touch we would love to hear from you.


Front of House

Back of House




Get Your
Whole Team
Dine Aware.

Whole team, one time.

You need your entire front and back of house food allergy aware, like yesterday!  No problem.

We can get even the largest base teams up to speed and on the exact same awareness page in as little as 30 (up to 90) days with transparent costs, special one-time pricing and awesome support.  Just use the calculator to get started.


Calculate Your Cost

One time training is based on groups of 100.  Use the calculator to determine the cost to get your whole team ‘speaking’ food allergy.   Why 100?The special one-time group pricing helps companies quickly and affordably get their entire team food allergy aware without sacrificing training for any staff member. No need to stop at Managers, go ahead and train everyone on the team.


Tell Us About You

After you’ve calculated your one time cost, complete your company, contact and training period details in the second step and send.


Get Started Training

We will be in touch within 24 hours with next steps and invoicing.
Your whole team will speaking Dine Aware™ in no time!


Calculate the one time cost to train your base group.



We're thrilled you want your team to speak Dine Aware™. We will be in touch typically within 24 hours. Thank you!

Total Group Size


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Your one time group training cost is:

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It’s easy and affordable to create a culture of awareness.

The whole team once + all incoming new hires.

To make sure everyone is on the same food allergy awareness page 100% of the time you can combine the the one time base rate with an annual subscription to train all incoming new hires.

No guessing trying to estimate turnover or pricing.

Calculate your fixed training training cost for the entire team for the next 12 months.  Start by selecting the length of time needed to train your base group.   ↓

My base group will complete training in:

What employees say about Dine Aware.

Making Customers Feel Important

Any time I serve someone with a FAI [food allergy or intolerance] I can always tell how grateful they are for receiving the attention that an FAI requires because so often these guests are neglected or ignored. Dine Aware, by spreading awareness and information regarding FAIs, truly affects peoples dining experience because they feel safe and like they are being heard.

Rebecca Starn

Server & Shift Leader, Cracker Barrel

What companies say about Dine Aware.

Improved Awareness & Confidence

Dine Aware is a great tool and essential element in our industry. With the amount of allergies increasing year after year, this program has drastically helped us to improve our awareness, boost knowledge and raise the confidence with our teams.


Vlado Momiroski

Food & Beverage Director, Celebrity Cruises Inc.



dine aware™

Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.