Dine Aware

is a food allergy 'language'
Let us explain
What’s a
food allergy


It’s how to communicate about food allergies.

The language, questions, information that food allergy customers use it can, well, seem like they are speaking another language.  A common way to speak helps everyone understand each other.

Same Page

Team Awareness

When the entire foodservice team speaks food allergy it helps get everyone on the same awareness page and makes communication easy with both coworkers and guests.


When everyone understands each other it can reduce service slowdown and minimze errors.

Then decisions are informed and experiences relaxed; for everyone!

Speak food allergy.

Dine Aware™ is the first and only food allergy training brand for foodservice that focuses on improving communication.

you read
tomato talk?


Speaking Dine Aware


Making a difference

Language School.

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dine aware™
We help foodservice understand the language of food allergy because great decisions and experiences happen when people can communicate.
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