we help foodservice
speak the ‘language’ of
food allergy.

it’s a language
anyone or any team
can speak.

meet some
of our
be one
this is Pricilla

Speak Dine Aware for chefs.

Job: Chef

She has worn many chef hats; owned a food truck, sailed the seas on a cruise ship, prepared stately meals at a hotel. She’s just started her biggest adventure yet.  Chef has opened the doors on her own restaurant.

Loves:  to rock a kitchen and wants to earn Michelin stars one day.

Rocks:  the outdoor life on her days off.


Speaks Dine Aware because:  knowing how to communicate with her food allergy guests inspires confidence with her customers and creates standout experiences. Those Michelin stars are in the bag Chef!

this is Michael

Speak Dine Aware for bartenders.

Job:  Bartender

He’s mixed cocktails at the hottest nightclubs and restaurants in the city.

Loves:  to workout and dance semi-professionally.

Rocks:  his tattoos.

Speaks Dine Aware because: he wants everyone to have a good time. So Michael does his best to know what drinks his food allergy guests might be able to drink and which ones to avoid.


He likes those bigger tips that come with being more aware too!

this is Tina

Speak Dine Aware for attendants.

Job:  Flight Attendant

She’s a deep wanderlust and works as a flight attendant to support her travel habit.

Loves:  to discover new people and new cultures.

Rocks:  her guitar.

Speaks Dine Aware because:  she knows how important it is to be able to communicate when travelling to different countries; communicating with food allergy guests is just as important.


Tina also knows that being able answer food allergy questions helps travellers make informed decisions about the onboard food the flight more pleasant and relaxed.

She’s thinking about working as an attendant on a train next. Good thing the Dine Aware language travels with her!

this is Tatenda

Speak Dine Aware for servers.

Job:  Server

Tate (to his close friends) has worked every type of foodservice. Quick service, room service attendant, fast casual, and in an exclusive reservation-only restaurant.  But his real dream is to be the next Steven Spielberg one day.

Loves:  photography and film.

Rocks:  a camera.


Speaks Dine Aware because: he knows how hard it is for his sister to communicate about her peanut allergy.  He also remembers how positive the experience is when a server and company are food allergy aware.  Now that he is in a position to make a difference for the guests he serves he wants them to have those same positive experiences.

this is Britney

Speak Dine Aware for managers.

Job:  Foodservice Manager

Britney loves people and her company, no wonder they made her manager. She strives to be the kind of manager everyone wants.

Loves:  to sing.

Rocks:  a microphone and a theatre stage.

Speaks Dine Aware because:  as a squad leader for her location it is her job to help champion good practices and lead by example.

By walking the Dine Aware walk and talking the Dine Aware talk both her employees and customers can better understand each other.


Turn up the volume on this superstar!

squad goals

our top 4 lessons on how to provide better
experiences, awareness and decisions.



one standard. one price.  

Our goal is to make speaking the Dine Aware language easy.

So, our courses are easy to use; they are online, ondemand and smartphone friendly.  Better yet, our affordable pricing couldn’t be more simple!  Every course is just $10.00 USD (per person).

Get your staff speaking food allergy
in 30 days or less, register now…

have it your way.

Have a brand message you want to reinforce with your staff?

Have safety or operational procedures you want to deliver at the same time your team is learning our language?

We can customize our course with your content.  

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is a powerful



Squads unite teams, promote enthusiasm and represent team goals in a fun and positive way.

In the short time we’ve been on the scene we have grown our Dine Aware Squad to well over 10,000 foodservice employees who speak the Dine Aware language with many more joining our squad daily.

That’s a powerful number of people speaking the same food allergy language to make positive changes for customers, company and co-workers.

In as little as 30 days you or an entire team could be making a positive difference too!

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