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“I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about the program! It was simple to log in and use. Each module was explained in great detail but it didn’t overload me as a user and made it very easy to understand.”

Brittani Ratcliff

“Any time I serve someone I can always tell how grateful they are for receiving [food allergy] attention because these guests are neglected or ignored. Dine Aware, truly affects peoples dining experience because they feel safe and like they are being heard”

Rebecca Starn

Chef Philippe Pinon

Culinary Director

“I would to thank Paula and the Dine Aware team for providing exceptional service to onboard the team and training F&B Front and Back of house crew members. We at Silversea are very satisfied to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

“Dine Aware is a great tool and essential element in our industry”.

Vlado Momiroski

Food & Beverage Director

“Dine Aware is a great tool and an essential element in our industry. With the amount of allergies increasing year after year, this program has drastically helped us to improve our awareness, boost knowledge and raise the confidence with our teams.”

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Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.