Dine Aware in Healthcare

Whether you’re serving patients, residents or guests, food allergy safety stays the same even when the setting changes.

Our Courses, Your Organization

Principles of food allergy safety remain consistent for all settings.  Here’s how to apply our courses to your healthcare culinary team.


Patient Dining Associate and other foodservice Managers in healthcare facilities help to lead their teams to create safer service and experiences. It’s why leading by example is so important.

Serving and Feeding

Servers, Unit Host, PSWs, Nursing Staff and other staff members who are responsible for serving meals and feeding patients or residents are a critical checkpoint in the chain of communication.

Food Preparation

Whether in long term care, independent living home, or hospital food allergy safety begins behind the scenes in the kitchen with Chefs, Cooks/food service and Dietary Aides/Porters.


Beverages are an often overlooked source of food allergies. Independent Living or Retirement Communities with bartending capabilities should not overlook beverage safety when serving residents and their guests.


The dining experience often begins with the host.  Independent Living or Retirement Communities that have full service dining capabilities will want to ensure that the entire foodservice team is prepared and aware. 


Dishwashers play an important role in preventing food allergy reactions due to cross-contact. This course teaches staff how to use safe food allergy sanitization practices and be an important piece of the team’s safety puzzle.

Food safety is
patient safety.

Safety in healthcare is the top priority.  Food safety for patients and residents is no exception. Book a call to learn how to create food allergy safety and a training standard for your healthcare team.

Prevention is our goal

Dine Aware