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What course do you need?

If you are a hospitality employee in the front or back of house and want to 10x your skills this is the the option for you.

We have courses for every foodservice position:

Manager, Back of House, Front of House, Bartender, Host, Dishwasher.

Just choose the course that is right for your position and  don’t forget to tell employers and post on LinkedIn!

Rebecca Starn


Rebecca or “Becca” to those who know her best is a recent graduate of Bluffton University with a B.A. in Psychology and Food & Nutrition.

Whatever the future holds for Becca (we’re friends) one thing is very clear, it’s going to be very aware and very bright!

Read the full interview with Rebecca.

Why Dine Aware?

“Anytime I serve someone with a FAI I can always tell how grateful they are for receiving the attention it requires.”
So often these guests are neglected or ignored.  Dine Aware, by spreading awareness and information regarding FAIs (food allergies and intolerances), truly affects people’s dining experience because they feel safe and like they are being heard.

The Highlights

Server, Shift Lead & QA Intern

B.A. in Psych and Food & Nutrition

Toledo, Ohio Area

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“Dine Aware is a great tool and essential element in our industry. With the amount of allergies increasing year after year, this program has drastically helped us to improve our awareness, boost knowledge and raise the confidence with our teams.”

Vlado Momiroski, Food & Beverage Director, Celebrity Cruises Inc.

“ The program has been a great eye opening and educating experience for us.”

Matthew Secko, Assistant Chef, Wynn Las Vegas

“I honestly don't have anything bad to say about the program! It was simple to log in and use. Each module was explained in great detail but it didn't overload me as a user and made it very easy to understand.”

Brittani Ratcliff, Catering Chef, Aramark

“We find it extremely helpful and user friendly. It gives good knowledge and skills in recognizing product allergens for the whole team!”

Olga Kononenko, Dining Room Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Completing the Dine Aware program was a rewarding process that greatly improved communication between my staff and our guests. Course modules were designed for associates at all learning levels. I would recommend the Dine Aware platform as an effective process that makes allergy handling more approachable for your staff and your guests too!”

Kimberley, Senior Food and Beverage Manager, Elmwood Spa & Bangkok Gardens




dine aware™

Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.