Dine Aware Hero

Rebecca Starn


Rebecca or “Becca” to those who know her best is a recent graduate of Bluffton University with a B.A. in Psychology and Food & Nutrition.

Whatever the future holds for Becca (we’re friends) one thing is very clear, it’s going to be very aware and very bright!

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Why Dine Aware?

“Anytime I serve someone with a FAI I can always tell how grateful they are for receiving the attention it requires.”
So often these guests are neglected or ignored.  Dine Aware, by spreading awareness and information regarding FAIs (food allergies and intolerances), truly affects people’s dining experience because they feel safe and like they are being heard.

The Highlights

Server, Shift Lead & QA Intern

B.A. in Psych and Food & Nutrition

Toledo, Ohio Area

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