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The Culinary Federation


Our focus has always been to empower teams to make informed ordering decisions that lead to exceptional, safe food allergy experiences for guests and employees.  We are proud and honoured to partner with The Culinary Federation give its dedication to professional excellence and raising up the profession for cooks and chefs in Canada.





why us? why now?

Safety is the number one concern on the minds of consumers and companies these days.  It is important that foodservice can demonstrate they are doing all that they can to maximize safety efforts.  Food allergy training has always played an important role in protecting guests, staff and companies.  

Food allergy safety like separation, cross-contact prevention and informed decisions all have similarities with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Companies that implement team-wide, food allergy training can increase safety standards and efficiencies. 

In addition, during this time of slower operations, adopting a consistent company-wide food allergy training approach slower operations can be the perfect opportunity for companies to revisit their ability to accommodate dietary restrictions to (re)capture the hearts, minds and (most importantly) revenue share of this consumer group.



dine aware difference


Food Allergies

There are 170 food allergies identified globally.  You can’t always accommodate every dietary restriction but teams can communicate safely by creating on training standard with Dine Aware’s online training.     



Each of our 6 courses (Manager, Back of House, Front of House, Bartender, Host, Diswasher) have been to ensure that the entire team is on the same awareness page 100% of the time.



Employees have 30 days to complete their online, video-based course.  They can complete the course at their own pace.  They can start and stop as often as they need to during that 30 day period.



Just like how we automate food allergy training for the whole team each course also produces automatically a digital certificate that can be printed, downloaded, emailed and socially shared .

Small Teams

This pricing option is perfect for teams with little employee turnover like single unit bricks and mortar locations or if you have a fleet of food trucks.

10 employees monthly
$72 monthly*, $792 annually*

Train up to 10 employees monthly or 120 annually in any of our courses.

*Plan Price with CF discount applied


Big Teams

Companies with several locations or brands that need to create a standard food allergy message across the board for all staff, locations and concepts.

20 employees monthly
$162 monthly*, $1782 annually*

Train up to 20 employees monthly or 240 annually in any of our courses.

*Plan Price with CF discount applied


Bigger Teams

Restaurant chains, franchises, hotels, casinos, cruise lines with large monthly employee turnover can easily and affordably automate food allergy awareness.

100 employees monthly
$252 monthly*, $2772 annually*

Train up to 100 employees monthly or 1200 annually in any of our courses.

*Plan Price with CF discount applied



Please get in touch if your company has multiple locations and/or has a global presence and needs an efficient, affordable, scalable training solution that provides one consistent standard for all employees at every location.

Unlimited Employees
Unlimited Locations


*Note:  Prices listed above are in $USD and per location.  If you have additional questions about what this means for your company please get in touch.



for Culinary Federation Members 


CF members will save 10% on any annual or monthly plan for 1 year.

The membership discount will automatically be applied when you choose your plan.

For Members Only

Advance access to webinars and resources.


Our Partners

Become Part of Our story

Chef Philippe Pinon

Culinary Director

“I would to thank Paula and the Dine Aware team for providing exceptional service to onboard the team and training F&B Front and Back of house crew members. We at Silversea are very satisfied to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

“Dine Aware is a great tool and essential element in our industry”.

Vlado Momiroski

Food & Beverage Director

“Dine Aware is a great tool and an essential element in our industry. With the amount of allergies increasing year after year, this program has drastically helped us to improve our awareness, boost knowledge and raise the confidence with our teams.”

“ The program has been a great eye opening and educating experience for us.”

Matthew Secko, Assistant Chef, Wynn Las Vegas

“I honestly don't have anything bad to say about the program! It was simple to log in and use. Each module was explained in great detail but it didn't overload me as a user and made it very easy to understand.”

Brittani Ratcliff, Catering Chef, Aramark

“We find it extremely helpful and user friendly. It gives good knowledge and skills in recognizing product allergens for the whole team!”

Olga Kononenko, Dining Room Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

“Completing the Dine Aware program was a rewarding process that greatly improved communication between my staff and our guests. Course modules were designed for associates at all learning levels. I would recommend the Dine Aware platform as an effective process that makes allergy handling more approachable for your staff and your guests too!”

Kimberley, Senior Food and Beverage Manager, Elmwood Spa & Bangkok Gardens

We speak foodservice so you can speak food allergy.



dine aware™

Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.