Squad Spotlight

Our squad spotlight shines a light on a company who is making a difference in the food allergy community by developing a corporate culture of awareness when they commit to having all food and beverage staff speak our Dine Aware™ ‘language’.

Celebrity Cruises is our squad spotlight because they are the first cruise line in the world to introduce Dine Aware™ to all food and beverage staff onboard their ships!  They are a company that is passionately dedicated to creating modern luxury and superior cruising experiences for their guests.

In their unending quest to deliver amazing service to all their guests, Celebrity Cruises have committed to ensuring that all F&B staff speak the Dine Aware language.  Dine Aware helps staff to better communicate with food allergy guests with confidence and awareness.  When all staff speak this language it creates a corporate culture of awareness that is immediately evident to food allergy guests.

Celebrity Cruises know that when staff feel empowered with the Dine Aware ‘language’ they empower their guests to make well-informed dining decisions and create positive, unmatched vacation experiences.  

Contact them about booking a cruise today.

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