help shape the future of hospitality.

We have well over 15,000 employees around the world speaking Dine Aware™
Help us train another 15,000 or 150,000 or 1,000,000!

Earn a percentage on successful introductions.

Make a difference while earning an incentive.

Apply to our incentive partnership program.

What exactly does SPIFFY mean?


SPIFFY is (well, a spiffy way) to say,

Sales Promotion Incentive Fund for You and it means that we incentivize the qualified leads that you bring to us.

When you introduce us to a company that is interested in adopting Dine Aware for their team and they become a client you earn a monetary incentive for that introduction.

Your introductions can lead to significant revenue for you and big, positive changes for the industry.

Why become a SPIFFY partner?


Because as an industry professional you understand that for hospitality to maintain profitability, relevancy and lower risk  it is important for foodservice teams to be able to communicate correctly with food allergy customers. 

You know that it is necessary to have a solution that meets the need of everyone in the exchange: customer, company and staff.

Since Dine Aware pairs perfectly with your direction and value proposition you would love to be an authorized SPIFFY partner.

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