“SPIFFY is our incentive partnership program for foodservice professionals.  For those who want to make a difference while earning a monetary incentive.”

What exactly does SPIFFY mean?


SPIFFY is (well, a spiffy way) to say,

Sales Promotion Incentive Fund for You

and it means that we incentivize the qualifed leads that you bring to us.

The fact is that food allergies and intolerances impact people in every country and culture.

We want to expand our global team of foodservice professionals who understand that food allergy awareness is a reality and want to help brands adapt and capitalize on this shift.

As an authorized SPIFFY partner you earn a percentage for every company that becomes a Dine Aware client/partner that you introduce to us.

Your introductions can lead to significant revenue for you and big, positive changes for the industry.


Apply to be an authorized SPIFFY partner. 

Why should I become a SPIFFY partner?


You already are a foodservice professional or business who’s primary goal is to make a positive impact on the industry and clients you serve.  

Because you are interested in helping clients/industry be more profitable and relevant you know how important it is for foodservice teams to be able to communicate with food allergy customers.

You know companies that create a culture of awareness provide safer, more confident interactions for their guests and employees.  

You also know that it is necessary to have a solution that meets the need of everyone in the exchage: customer, company and staff.

So, you think that Dine Aware pairs perfectly with your direction and would love to be an authorized SPIFFY partner.


Apply to be an authorized SPIFFY partner. 

Need a few more details first?

Food allergies are a shift in how we eat, not a trend.
Helping people to communicate & connect makes us all better.
Interested in becoming a SPIFFY partner?
Great, we’re interested right back!

We just have a little Q & A prep first.

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