AllerDining + Gipsee

AllerDining offers the largest eco-system of preference-based diners and restaurants with over 200,000 restaurants and 5+ million annual users.  

AllerDining is the most reliable source of accurate preference-based menu items, connecting potentially millions of diners to thousands of restaurants.

AllerDining has a solution for both, the restaurant and the diner. For the restaurants, AllerDining offers a cloud based platform to conveniently and securely upload menus, ingredients and product information. This information is in turn used to analyze the restaurant food in real-time, whenever the diner needs it.

This enhances diner experience when they are looking for meals that fit their unique preference criteria. We also promote the restaurant through the AllerDining partner channels to give them added exposure and an extra boost in sales.

For diners, we offer a free mobile app, “AllerDining Customizer”. Using the downloadable mobile app, diners can easily find restaurants nearby and choose meals based on their unique preferences and restrictions.

For more information please contact AllerDining.