I’m realistic, most of the time.

I know first hand what it is like to eat out with a food allergy. But, I also know it is simply not possible for all establishments to accommodate all dietary restrictions. However, knowing whether they can or not rests on us being able understand each other.

If we are speaking two different languages I might get the wrong information or the wrong impression. Neither of which is good for me or staff or the company.

Better to teach foodservice how to speak my (food allergy) language so we can properly communicate and then decide together if it is ok to order.

The Dine Aware™ language helps food allergy guests make great decisions and connect with foodservice in a meaningful way.

I created Dine Aware to be easy for the whole team and the whole industry to speak because the more people who speak a language the more impact it will make.

I live by a personal code, leave a place better than you found it. By giving foodservice teams the tools to communicate with co-workers and food allergy guests in a relevant way, then I’ve succeeded.

Dine Confident,
Paula “Cooper”, Founder

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