Dine Aware™ Disclaimer

What we do and don't do.

Awareness Not Accommodation

Dine Aware™ does not teach or expect foodservice to accommodate any dietary restriction or any type of cross-contact practices. While the courses do inform about the top fourteen (14) most common food allergies and intolerances and best practices for cross-contact the brand’s goal is to improve the communication, interaction and experience for guests and staff.

Unlike other food allergy brands Dine Aware focuses on dealing with food allergy communication in a positive, approachable way to help to remove negative stigmas and stereotypes related to the interaction.


Informed Choice

Knowing how to communicate with the food allergies consumer is our focus because effective communication is critical to helping customers make informed decisions about whether or not it is safe for them to order.

Dine Aware informs foodservice how to provide the guest with the best possible information available about options, ingredients, hidden ingredients, label advisory statements and cross-contact prevention so consumers can make informed decisions.


Dine Aware™ Does Not

Guarantee that an establishment can accommodate a dietary restriction or cross-contact prevention method in any way.

Dine Aware does not take responsibility or make any guarantees about how food and beverages are prepared or served in any establishment.


Customer/Guest Responsibility

You absolutely must inform the person serving you about your allergy/intolerance before placing your order.

If you choose to eat at an establishment with staff certified in the Dine Aware ‘language’ you waive all claims against Dine Aware and hold them harmless for any loss, injury and/or death resulting from a food allergy/intolerance and/or dietary restriction-related reaction.

It is your responsibility to make an informed decision about where you choose to eat and how you choose to order. If you do not feel confident in a particular establishment’s ability to accommodate your needs, do not dine there.

Only you are responsible for your health and that of your dependants.

For more information about Dine Aware ask to speak to a Manager or visit our website www.dineaware.com





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Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.

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