Our customizable courses give you the option to blend in important elements into our online courses.


Add a customized welcome to highlight a specific brand message.

Emphasize a corporate policy or procedure.

 Use your own company visuals to help staff recognize and remember.

What corporate 

flavor would you 

like to add to

Dine Aware™?


Say What You Want

Since we have your entire team’s full and undivided attention, now is a great time to reinforce your brand message and standard operating procedures (e.g. food allergy incident protocol).

You provide the copy.
We provide the voiceover and production.


Say Cheese

Seeing is believing.

Images reinforce verbal concepts.  Your company’s images can be incorporated into our courses.  Show your brand and operational story with strong visuals.

Hire our photographer or provide assets yourself.


Say Action

It’s often better to show as well as tell.

When you demo specific procedures, areas, equipment, etc. it helps walk your team through these sections and reinforces memory.

Let us script it, shoot it and edit it.

Your Idea

Say It, Please

Need something else we haven’t mentioned?  Just let us know your idea and we will do our very best to accommodate.