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How would you like to collaborate?

Hospitality companies, foodservice professionals and employees there are many ways to make a difference by collaborating with Dine Aware.


You can make a monetary incentive while making a difference as a company, professional or employee.

Change Maker

By helping to provide teams with food allergy training you also help to eliminate negative stereotypes and increase tolerance that extends beyond the walls of a workplace and into communities.



Our food allergy awareness solution helps you or your company provide more value to your clients by increasing your value proposition.

SAAS – suppliers – POS – EQUIPMENT – assoications – FOOD manufacturers – BEVERAGE – more+

hospitality companies

You’re in hospitality, we’re in hospitality and we have one goal, to provide as much value to our clients as possible.  To close any service or knowledge gaps and make their client experience seamless and rewarding.  By partnering with Dine Aware you help empower your client’s company and team.

recruiters – sales – consultants – TRAINERS – restaurant owners – more+

hospitality professionals

Understand the hospitality world, what makes it tick and how decisions are made. You also understand how important it is for the industry to have a solution to address dietary restrictions.  Expanding your reach, value and making an incentive all make sense to you.


hospitality employees

Since you have taken one of our Dine Aware courses (or are going to) and can speak food allergy you see what a difference it makes to your working day and for the customers you serve.  By becoming an affliliate you not only help your peers experience the same benefits you can also earn a referral incentive.



dine aware™

Our training helps hospitality understand the language of food allergy because safe and informed ordering decisions happen when people can communicate.