Bulk Upload

For any staff size over 10 employees please use this option.  

If you are converting an employee spreadsheet to a .csv document for upload use the form
fields listed below exactly – download the .csv template for reference.

Download our bulk upload instructions first.

Download our .csv template.

Instructions for modifying your own .csv file 

If you are modifying your own .csv file please ensure that you use all of the following fields below in the form:

Head Office Company Information: 
Company Name 
Company Address 
Company Phone Number 
Company Contact Name 
Contact Name Email

Staff Sign-up Required Fields: 
*If not using the template please ensure your .csv file includes the following information

First Name 
Last Name: 
Employee Email Address 
Job Title 
Employee ID 
Location (if different than company information) 
Dine Aware Course (Manager, Back of House, Front of House, Beverages, Dishwasher)

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